Viral Pathogenesis

The intricate “dance” between viral pathogens and the host response to infection is a major focus within the department.  Research in our department focuses both on control of acute viral infections and also on those viruses that establish chronic infections, such as those caused by HIV.  This includes research that focuses on issues of host control of viral infection, and other studies that focus on viral determinants of pathogenesis.

Areas of interest include: Studies on influenza viruses to determine how seasonal changes in virus strain evade established immunity; strategies for developing more broad range protection; characterization of viruses that establish chronic infections within the host – which include HIV, herpesviruses, and LCMV; studies that focus on host control of chronic infection, and other studies that focus on strategies employed by these viruses to evade detection and clearance by the host immune system.

Researchers Studying Viral Pathogenesis

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