Development Of Novel Vaccines

Vaccines have led to the global eradication of smallpox, the near global eradication of polio, and phenomenal reductions in measles infections in most of the developed world, but the approaches used in those campaigns have been insufficient to conquer challenges such as providing protection against HIV or the development of a more efficacious and truly universal influenza vaccine. The scientific and technical challenges that have so far thwarted development of effective vaccines for HIV, influenza, and gammaherpes viruses are being address by members of our department and the closely associated Emory Vaccine Center.

Areas of interest include:  development of vaccines to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), influenza, gammaherpes viruses (EBV and CMV); analysis of vaccine regimens to simian immunodeficiency virus and other model microorganisms; and understanding immune responses in young and aged.

Researchers Studying Development Of Novel Vaccines

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