Oskar Laur

Assistant Professor

Emory University School of Medicine

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Emory Custom Cloning Core Facility

After completing his doctoral studies in molecular oncology, Dr. Oskar Laur has accumulated over twenty years of professional experience in multiple biomedical research fields, including neurophysiology, gene transcription, cell biology, immunology, vaccine development and protein structure and function studies.  Dr. Laur is an expert in molecular cloning techniques and protein expression systems, and he has used his expertise to develop a rapid and economical DNA cloning process that is able to efficiently generate DNA constructs.  In his three years as the director of the Emory Custom Cloning Core Facility (CCCF), he has used his unique molecular cloning process to produce over 1,500 constructs and has been acknowledged in twenty publications in top-tiered journals including Cell and Nature.  The Emory CCCF is the only full-service cloning core facility in the United States, providing outstanding service to Emory clients at a fraction of the cost of commercial vendors.  The Emory CCCF also provides valuable consultation services and has assisted clients in the design of constructs and experiments for gene expression and gene silencing in bacteria, viruses, cell lines and laboratory animals.


  • Development  and optimization of methods for molecular cloning and protein expression
  • Structure and function of MHC class II and leukocyte adhesion molecules

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