Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility, directed by Dr. Rafi Ahmed with Robert Karaffa as Technical Director, provides cell sorting, analysis, training and consultation services. Relevant components of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility are located in various laboratories throughout the campus. Analyzer cytometers in its inventory include the LSRII, FACSort and FACscan (Becton Dickinson). Each analyzer is equipped to detect multiple fluorescent parameters and two scatter parameters. Sorting is provided on a FACSVantageSE (Becton Dickinson) and MoFlo (Dako-Cytomation). Both sorters are equipped with multiple lasers and can detect up to 8 fluorescent parameters and two scatter parameters. In addition, both sorters are equipped with single-cell deposition hardware/software for cloning/hybridoma experiments. All instruments are controlled by Macintosh or Windows-based computers.

Tetramer Core

Directed by Dr. John Altman, the Tetramer Core serves federally approved investigators throughout the U.S. who require customized tetramer reagents for immunologic studies. Under contract by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Tetramer Core develops tetramer reagents that are not available from commercial sources. Tetramers are molecular complexes that can be engineered to bind only to specific types of immune cells ­ for instance, T-cells that respond to a particular disease-causing agent. Because the tetramers are linked to fluorescent markers, the immune cells of interest can be easily and quickly counted and sorted, thus providing investigators with precise measures of immune response.